Monday, November 26, 2012

Apparently google doesn't hold infinite amounts of photos on their blogs!  I ran out of storage room on my old one & instead of paying for storage just created a whole new blog.  

This past week was thanksgiving!  A few days before I hung out with the little girl I used to babysit & we went shopping, had lunch & ice cream, and I was taught all the members names of her favorite boy band!
On Thanksgiving we woke up & watched some of the Macy's parade before I got up & started cooking.  I also updated my chalkboard with a little turkey day reminder!

 This year I brought green bean casserole & cookies.  Maybe one year I'll take on the whole dinner, but not anytime soon! We went to my moms house & had a delicious lunch with all the fixings.  

and the dogs begged outside
After eating ourselves silly, we were among the crazy people this year & we left to camp out at best buy for black friday.  We got there just before 7pm & underestimated BIG time how freezing it would be outside!  Luckily, a few of Magno's friends came & we were able to take shifts sitting in the car & warming up while they held our spot.  Still, by hour 4, i was not a happy camper!
At midnight we finally got in and had to wait another 40 minutes in the line that wrapped around the store, but we got everything we went for and more.  Good deals make me so happy!  Drving home was a sloooow drive because of how foggy it got, but once we got home I dethawed by the fire & passed out.  Friday was spent shopping and some of Saturday too!  On the way home we took kramer to the vet for some anal gland issues(TMI!) and Magno made friends with the sweetest office kitty.
Sunday we did some stuff around the house & started Christmas decorating before having some people over to watch the walking dead.

Lastly, I got a few of the wedding pictures back from my Malibu wedding a few weeks ago!  I spent all night drooling over them & can't wait to see the rest.