Tuesday, March 26, 2013

hello from the roach motel! i joke about it and it drives magno nuts since we only saw 3 total in this whole fiasco....but im happy to say we've seen NO more!!! we had to go to home depot and get plugs for all the drains because we think thats where they were coming in, and we also got a huge bottle of vinegar to dump down the drains each night to hopefully kill any that are in there.  Just a big ole pain in the butt, but i'd do a lot more than that if i had to!

Because of those nasty bugs, I was out of my cooking and jucing routine for about 2 weeks.  I was slowly starting to feel it, then I woke up saturday with a big fat migraine.  I know it was because of all the fast food and eating out we've been doing while i was kitchenless.  I knew it wouldn't be bearable so I woke magno up at 7am on his day off and he drove me to Newport Beach to go to urgent care.  They gave me the typical shot in the butt and some pills, and it was a loooonng drive home as i was barfing into a plastic bag on the 55 fwy! For whatever reason, this time the shot and pill combo didnt work all that great.  It usually allows me to somewhat function a few hours after, but i was in bed the entire day with a really bad headache still.  I even had to miss my sisters birthday dinner that i had dyed my hair for the previous day!! But magno went instead & i was sad to see him go without me.
The next day I was feeling well enough to get up and bake megans birthday cake
We went over to my moms house to celebrate with food and games

We also played some badminton, my favorite! And I played a little too hard, backing up into a rock and scratching my ankle then falling into the bushes behind the rock=/

Later that night we had our neighbor over for the walking dead & kramer used him as a pillow.
I started up my clean eating routine again now that I know what I feel like without doing it!
and right now i have a big ole pot of homemade meat sauce simmering on the stove to freeze and store. We will have some of it tonight in front of the tv when we rent lincoln, but the rest will be saved for another day when i dont feel like cooking.
as usual, kramers had a rough week.

Monday, March 18, 2013

What a couple weeks its been. If you know me, you know how completely and utterly afraid of bugs I am.  So imagine my horror when I was cooking one day & I pulled open the utensil drawer and a fat cockroach came running out.  My first thought was to call 911, my second thought was to start packing cause im moving.  I grabbed the phone and called Magno begging him to come home but there was no way he could leave work.  So I called the neighbor and he was able to come over and pull out all the drawers and search all over, but that big fat roach was nowhere to be found.  So I sat in complete terror until 7 when magno got home knowing that it was going to be a long month.  Roaches are no joke and unfortunately I know that first hand from our first apartment.  The next day, I had planned to be out of the house all day because I was scared to death.  That changed when Kramer started shaking & acting really sick.  So I spent the whole day at home with him trying to make him comfortable while keeping my eyes peeled for bugs.  It was miserable.  I finally was able to get him to the vet where he was diagnosed wtih tummy troubles, thank god nothing bad! 
That night, we spent the night moving all our furniture and belongings to the center of each room so the exterminator could come the next day.  It was chaos, I wanted to cry.  A clean home is my sanity so that was completely taken away, with my sanity.  The next morning the apartment was sprayed and me and kramer packed up and took off to my moms house for the weekend.  The weather matched my mood too...dark, gloomy, and more hail!
So naturally I had to make my favorite mexican soup
That weekend came and went & we got back into the house to straighten up.  We found 1 dead roach, and I hoped it was the one that was in the kitchen.  For whatever reason, I was naive & got back into the kitchen that night and got to work, not really too scared.  We had to take out every single utensil, dish, cup, pan, and everything in the kitchen, and wash it, so it was quite the process too.  But the hot sunny weather cheered me up and we even made it to dland one day.
The next day was back to reality, magno had to go back to work and I was left at home cleaning up the disaster that was now our home.  Not even an hour before Magno left for work, I went into the kitchen and a huge, fat, disgusting  beastly, cockroach came running towards me.  Luckily, I had bought some raid the day before so I grabbed that and sprayed it for at least one minute straight until it finally died.  That was the longest minute of my life!!!! I was scared to death but knew if i didnt kill it, it would just run a muck all over the house.  I was shaking and almost in tears, so I dropped everything and packed up again and spent the next full work week at my moms house.  Yes, thats how absolutely terrified I am of those horrible creatures. Kramer didnt mind because it was still summer weather, so he got some good fluffy lovin time in and of course some dirt rollin'.

It was awful to have to sit at my moms house all week knowing how much laundry needed to be done, and how much cooking and cleaning needed to be done, and how we would have to re wash every single dish we own. TORTURE!! all while knowing that there could be more bugs running around.  We contacted our landlord to see if someone else was having problems because maybe that would explain why we've been here 3 years and never had this problem before.  He said its typical this time of year and that they come in from the drains so that we need to plug those up and pour vinegar down them every night.  Yeah, thats not annoying.  So anyways by friday night i was feeling so worn out and we decided to stay in for a low key date night.  I've never seen a bug in the living room so I was ok with being in there while watching tv and eating a to go steak dinner:)
We didnt see any more bugs that night but I was still scarred from seeing the first 2 in my kitchen of all places.  Saturday came and so did another mortgage test for magno..he passed with a 92 this time.  He passes all of them with pretty high scores so that was no surprise.  We also hosted fight night, because its magnos favorite thing and I knew i had to try to get back to normal life.  I didnt want to be in the kitchen but had to be, so i wore gloves almost the entire time and quickly moved around like a crack head trying to get out of there ASAP! I was able to whip up some delicious chocolate cake with frosting from scratch and some good ole' mexican food for the dudes. 
Sunday morning I was glad to get to leave again to go to my parents house for my dads bday brunch.  It was also St pattys day so of course I dressed the part and magno followed along
My mom decorated according to theme, of course!
Then it was back home, to what I now call the roach motel.  I havent seen any, dead or alive, but I am still scared to death. Magno thinks I'm ridiculous, but Im not sure anyone could understand my fear. Plus im home alone 10 hours a day so Its not like I have a roach killer handy if I need one.  I pray that in time I can get over it and the longer i go without seeing any the easier it gets, but today is monday, almost 2 weeks later, and im still afraid to move in my own house. IT. SUCKS. The only thing that made this week a litter better was finding the pillow I've wanted for a long time 50% off at marshalls
and hanging the driftwood wreath i made at my moms house with the driftwood my dad smuggled home from his latest trip to WA. 
oh yeah, and the wonderful assistant i used at my november wedding sent me this....a huge wedding planning site used an image from the wedding I planned on thee venues page.  I was so excited!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

guys, I have a new favorite store.  This weekend, I spent some time at world market & i discovered its absolute amazingness.  I had obviously been there before, but for some reason, this trip stood out.  I found a million things I "needed" and I immediately wanted to redo my whole apartment.  Heres some of the cute things I saw.

How cute is this glass bowl? The print is so cheery & bright:)
and this one is cute too, so retro/dainty looking
i love this cute little kitchen towel set, it would be super cute as a little hostess gift or housewarming gift-best part? only $5!
i love all things pretty, and this is the prettiest lemonade i ever did see.
and i love this cheery colorful door mat also

Shopping here is just pure fun-it was even funner once I discovered the free coffee/tea sampling station in the back so I got to shop wile sipping espresso coffee. Although I wanted everything, I was good and only left with a too good to pass up, $5 gift basket set to keep on hand.  Ya never know when you'll need to make a gift basket!;)

Monday, March 4, 2013

the backyard is getting better, slowly but surely! On Friday Magno took the day off so we used the morning to get some work done.  Heres what it looked like before

and after
I spray painted the ugly plastic chairs while magno raked all the leaves.  We still have the torn up tent back there until we decide what to do with it.  We also took the lights off the tent and put them around the whole perimeter of the yard
Saturday we went out to dinner in the circle cause it was such a nice warm day-of course kramer went!
kramer got some good sleep time in
and some good grass rollin in the sunshine time.

on sunday we had some neighbors over for the walking dead...one of our neighbors made ribs so I made some mac n cheese and corn to go with it- i love BBQ! Heres what was left
im also pleased to say that my headaches have gotten better with NO PILLS!! I've talked about my headache struggles before, and I went from having headaches every single day, to having them 3-4 times a week, and now im down to 1-2 times a week! I still get light headaches from my TMJ, but they are manageable....once I can get my tmj under control i'll be in heaven!  I think that these changes are mostly due to my juicin'.  I drink about 10 POUNDS of fruits and veggies per week now that I juice..
thats a huge step up from mayyyyybe 1-2 pounds of fruit per week.  Its a huge chore to juice, pretty pricey, and a lot of work...but well worth it.  I've also been making cleaner meals, trying to avoid ANY premade food or processed food.  Its not possible all the time, but if I can swap out 1-2 meals per week that are totally clean food...then thats better than nothing & its a start.  Heres two from this week.....lettuce tacos & strawberry spinach salad
I've also been taking 4 vitamins every day for about a month now in an effort to help my crazy hormonal acne.  I think just the overall boost in vitamins and nutrients has helped not only me headaches, but my skin as well! I'm loving the results so far & my skin is the best its been in a really long time.  I'm hoping its not a fluke & just a good month or something, but im really really happy about the results im seeing.  For a long time, i felt hopeless with my headaches and skin....and now i have hope! The best part is, i was able to do it without all the pills and crazy chemical stuff the doctors gave me.  Natural is the best way to go and now i have proof!