Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Seems like all i do now is work, but i squeezed in a few hours of disneyland to see the new iron man exhibit
later that day magnos family came over since they were going home to mexico the next day.  i love them, i wish they lived here!!
their cute going away gifts...world market has the best gift wrap!!
i decided to have one healthy meal haha
at work i volunteered to go pick up the cakes we provided for access hollywood, and the guy i picked up from insisted i tour the studio and meet billy bush...it was so much fun!

speaking of work, heres what i've been eating lately....

we went to the old town orange car show with my parents 

we also caved and got a water cooler!  they are such huge eye sores but we drink a lot of water and are always running out, so if you come over just close your eyes;)

and lastly heres a somewhat better picture of the newly stained island...this ones in daylight so the color is closer to the actual color.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

its been a busy month so far, so im pretty behind-dont mind me while i catch up!

i took kramer to the circle on a nice spring day and he was being a little cuter than normal!

i found this tree where lover birds carve their names.  how perfect for us since its in the circle, our favorite! 

i also finally tackled some DIY projects.  A few weeks ago i made magno pull a coffee table out of the dump cause i thought it was cute! he loves when i do that. here it is before
here it is after the primer and with the leaves opened
and here it is painted
all i need to do now is find the best price on some glass inserts for the top & it'll be ready to go. you'll also see the second project in the background.  Our kitchen island was in desperate need of staining since it was just plain old butcher block.  magno did that while i did the table.  here it is before
and sorry, but heres the horrible after picture after everything was just thrown in in no order!  Still need to reorganize it.
i just needed it in the house asap to start working on my deviled eggs for easter! I finally got those done and i hereby declare i'll never make them again--such an annoying task!
heres me and my bunny on easter.
a few random things...i made some granola and have had it for breakfast every single day so far!
the spring weather inspired me to go out and buy a cute tablecloth so we can start eating outside in the nice weather
still been eating healthy:)
the bride i had for last july that had to cancel her wedding due to a death in the family is finally getting married and called me to plan her wedding short notice, so i've been busy with that..heres a picture of her venue from the walk through.  i rarely do church weddings so im excited to change it up a bit.
it was my brother in laws birthday so of course i made cupcakes!
some of magnos family is visiting from mexico and it was their birthday too! I absolutely love them.  one of them speaks english well enough to where we talked about sex in the city all night long and its totally obvious we're related;)

i also went to seal beach for a night of gossiping and catching up with my sister and our friend hilarie.  we had dinner, coffee, and some beach time.

i made one of my favorite recipes, naples style pizza..i think i wrote about it once before but i went on the hunt for a replica recipe of the pizza they serve at NAPLES in downtown disney, and im pretty sure this is it!
we finally got a costco card!!! its perfect for my juicing:)
more healthy food....chicken tacos with homemade organic salsa
We've had a change in schedule due to the fact that I accepted a position as a wedding consultant at Sweet & Saucy Shop!  Only the best wedding bakery in OC! They are featured in every magazine, blog, tv show, and anything else you can think of!  I've worked there about a week now and i love it.  I basically design wedding cakes and help the bride and groom choose desserts for their dessert bar & what not.  Its a pretty perfect mix of everything I love.  The shop itself is precious. They have the BEST work. I'm so excited still, and im so glad to work with such a prestigious company!

Doesn't hurt that sometimes, this is my lunch...
It's only part time so I still have time to have a life!  We went to Magnos cousins house and had another bday celebration for his family from mexico
my november bride and groom were featured in the newspaper again!
Since I work Saturdays, Magno sends me kramer pictures all day.  I love this one.  We pulled up a chair next to the bed so he can sleep with me but not WITH me, and we put all my dirty clothes around him so it smells like me...and it seems to work..he seems pretty comfy:)
last but not least, heres my cute niece cookie on her way to the vet this morning. Poor gal had to get a tooth pulled out of her mouth, no anesthesia  or anything!  she spent the rest of the day recovering at our house away from her feisty sisters and kramer shared his bed:)