Tuesday, February 26, 2013

This weekend was mostly spent doing chores...but we squeezed in a little fun too. 

On Friday we took Kramer for a long walk..got some ice cream even though it was freezing and walked by the orange library.  The library was closed, but we walked through the parking lot and on the way through stopped at the discount section (its outdoors so always available) where all the books are 10 cents each and you pay on the honor system basically!  I got the absolute cutest, sweetest book...a book of old love letters by Beethoven, Washington, etc. 
kramer was tired and happy after his walk
Saturday was fight night..I made a taco bar & we watched two girls beat each other up...it was awesome! women in UFC is so much funner than just men!
Sunday was chore day. We went to home depot to stock up 
& we borrowed some tools from my dad to get the backyard cleaned up...the plants are sooooo crazy and overgrown because we don't have a gardener or a landlord who does it regularly.  So we finally had to bite the bullet and do it.  The wind made it really hard that day because leaves were blowing everywhere, so we saved the cleaning up portion of the day for this weekend when the winds have died down.  We did trim the stuff along the fence..
we sprayed some weed spray, cute down a completely useless shrub by our bedroom window, and got the fallen branches out of the trees.  Like I say in almost every post about the backyard, theres still LOTS to do, but we definitely made progress.  As you can see, the tent is somehow still standing!  its totally torn up but we haven't removed it because we have no idea what to do with that little cement area back there.  We are sure how it will be used best.  I'm kinda liking the idea of a nice dining set out there so we can use it as basically a dining room over the summer...this one is SO CUTE but its $600 from ikea=( but I love the wood and white together.
We are also considering getting a new gazebo.  I dont really like how it closes off the space, but I do like the shade it provides in the summer.  If we got one, it'd definitely be a neutral color with mosquito netting like this
The last option is no tent, just a small seating area outside.  I love the way this one looks, and it would be pretty easy to copy since I already have that same outdoor rug (i got it last summer on clearance for $10!)

I saw these outdoor chairs at home depot when we were there and i fell in love with the shape and the light minty blue color.  I love everything about them, except that they were almost $40 each.  Thats just dumb, but I'll keep an eye on them and see if they go on sale.

We will stew on it for a while just to decide whats best for us and that space, but at least we have options.  

A few other little things we did on Sunday...we added a Y light thingy to the kitchen pendant so it gives off more light than just a single bulb.  Doesn't look as good, but it gives off the best lighting. We also replaced all the bulbs with energy efficient ones.
Everything in this place is so old and so ragged....so we have to do a fair amount of maintinence just to keep it semi decent looking.  The sink area was so ugly, all the caulking was yellow and no amount of bleaching helped.  So we got some silicone caulking and re-caulked the entire bathroom....the tub and everything.
I'm dying to change that hideous, too low, stained, rusty faucet...but that's going a bit too far for someplace that isn't even ours! If I can find one miraculously for $10 then I'd do it, but otherwise the hideousness has to stay. 

The weather is going to be so nice this week so I wish we had the backyard done already so I could enjoy it, but at least its getting there.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

im not sure how one can become so unorganized so quick, but I realized this was the case in our closet/office.  I walked in and it looked like this (prepare your eyes)

Since Christmas, we have just been shoving things in there without really putting them away where they belong.  and its just piled up to look like a complete disaster.  Also, I felt like there was a lot of wasted space...... so I got to work.  I ended up throwing away 4 bags full of mostly old paperwork we didn't need.  I made some furniture changes also so finally by the end of the day it looked like this.  Still needs work, but much better!

heres the inky dinky little shoe wall before
and after. I moved the bookcase and its the new home to all my shoes.
view from the doorway
the jewels
all we have left to do in there is put on the baseboards (hence the plastic in the baseboard area in some of the pictures), and patch some holes in the wall.  I also want to make a little curtain upgrade, which is why they are so wrinkled in all the photos! I have to take them off to do the project, so I may as well wait till then to iron them.  Heres a picture of what I want to do to them...ribbon trimmed curtains are so pretty and classy.
I also made a few changes in the living room.  I used to have a gallery wall over the loveseat...it was always temporary because I had everything for it already & just threw it up to cover up some wall space when we moved in.  I didnt like how everything was different colored and shaped and sized and textured...Sometimes I like crazy but for this wall I just wanted uniform and pretty.

much better for my candle lovin' self.

Last, my dad came over last weekend and pointed out a rosemary plant growing in our yard! I've always wanted an herb garden but kill everything in my path plant wise, so I was excited to find out that even 3 years of NOT watering the backyard still wont kill rosemary!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentines day is over=( all my decor is cleaned up and stored away & i hate it! But this year I feel like i celebrated enough, so i'll just have to be patient until next year!

Valentines Eve was spent baking valentines goodies to deliver in my sweet apron.

Later in the day Magno got off early so we went to disneyland which was decked out for valentines day and i found what makes me happiest in life.....valentines day disneyland!

On Valentines day, I woke up with a migraine-go figure!! I spent all day in bed, hating everything and everyone!  But still managed to put on some valentines themed sweats and socks..that was as much celebrating as I did that day!
When Magno got home we exchanged cards & he even got me a new iphone! It wasn't necessarily a gift, it was more so because we switched from ATT to Verizon, so we were both able to get new phones.  And this weekend he sold our old iphones and made a $300 profit! He is seriously an iphone expert and knows how to keep ours in the best shape and get top dollar for them...so we never pay for iphones anymore really!

The day after valentines day was the real valentines day for us...since a migraine forced it to be!  While Magno was working I cooked & set up whats turning out to be my annual cute valentines day table!  We are lazy so celebrating with good food at home is a must for us.

kramer ended up destroying all his valentines day toys before valentines day, but look how cute he is!
and I even had lots of extra flowers and was able to make arrangements for some different rooms, and i LOVE flowers in the bedroom!

Saturday was our dear friend Hilaries birthday.  I spent most of the day getting stuff ready and cooking....it was potluck so my contribution was yummy queso dip and guac of course!
it was sooo nice and warm out that day and kramer enjoyed every bit
heres some of the party decor
and heres a decent picture of us before the party started
and heres a picture that we thought was funny...us on our 16th birthday and now on our 26th birthday
it was a fun night but kramer was glad when we got home, as usual

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

this weekend was my 26th birthday. I feel old and feel like i look old too so it wasn't that thrilling haha.

On Friday I went to an exhibit at chapman U with my parents and afterwards finally got to taste the new place in the circle, Linx.  It was good & a very cute place!

after coming home we relaxed while watching argo & eating cookies:)
Saturday I went to DTD with my sister to do some makeup shopping to try and cover up our old wrinkly faces!! I got more than I went for but doesn't it always work like that?
Afterwards we ate at whats becoming one of my favorite places, the story teller cafe at the grand californian hotel.  It was freezing that day so I had some DELICIOUS corn chowder & hot coffee-btw, they have the best coffee there!

Sunday was my birthdy & Magno delivered me breakfast in bed & the number one thing i asked for....a card !  he delivered big time:)  Then he sent me off to get a manicure......just to let you know how long its been, I got my first ever gel manicure even though those have been all the rage for about a year now!

After my lovely manicure, we headed over to my parents house for the premiere of the walking dead.  Even though that in itself was an amazing gift, my mom threw us our traditional valentines day themed party and even threw in some walking dead touches...doesn't get better than that!  We ate delicious pizza, snacks, and cake...thats my idea of a great bday!

here we are in our new comfy sweats that my older sister got us.  we had to get in them immediately to watch the show and give our guts some room to breathe.
it was a perfect birthday & I still will tell people I'm 23 years old for as long as I possibly can.

Monday night my sweet mother in law brought me my favorite meal-pupusas!  Whenever she brings food she brings it for the whole week...so not cooking tonight is the reason I'm blogging!! She brought me a sweet valentines themed gift as well & did more than she needed to do, as always! Im such a lucky gal!!