Saturday, January 26, 2013

I've really fallen behind on blogging, but i have a good reason.  Magno's on a 2 week vacation so im soaking it all up.  But today, he's at the movies with some friends so i decided to take the time to blog!  He got a 2 week vacation because he quit his job because he was offered a better one at green light financial and their training periods are only one a month.  So I lucked out and got him for a whole 2 weeks until he starts his new job.  YAY!!!

so going back to a few weeks ago, it was my mother in laws birthday.  I was siiiickkkk that day(and the 2 weeks before it too!)  So while at cvs getting some medicine I ran over to smart and final and bought some cupcakes, some frozen food, and some candles.  Luckily I hoard party supplies so I set up a little table we could eat at.

 we also watched the golden globes while relaxing
 i also finally found the perfect rug! gotta love target. Had it almost a month now and still love it just as much.

 and we finally updated the knobs on our free dresser we found on the curb!

 it was so warm and nice out that we walked kramer to the circle for lunch almost every day.

while at my moms, we made boo bears memorial stepping stone. miss him SO much.
 on another pretty day, the show parks and rec was being filmed in the circle, so we walked down there and watched a bit of it.  caught a few glimpses of the awesome amy poehler!
with the nice weather continuing, we just had to go to the beach.

the next day, we went and got disneyland passes! so  much fun and im so glad we can go back, we LOVE dland!!

 and i finally did a little vday decorating!

and we've been having movie days now that its cold and rainy again.

Magno still has one week left of vacation, too!  Even though we've been having fun, my headaches have gotten worse than ever.  I've had to take headache medicine every single day for the past month almost and im feeling really defeated by them.  I am going to the dr for the 4th time this month on monday and am hoping for some relief, somehow!!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Ever since we've moved in, theres been a ceiling fan in the kitchen.  Only thing more awful than that is a ceiling fan that doesnt even the hideous-ness doesn't even serve a purpse.  Its big and bulky and makes our low ceilings feel even lower.  So I finally decided I had enough.  Magno said he could try to fix it, but when I thought about it....who wants dog hair and dust circulating in the kitchen?? GROSS.  So I went shopping.  I wanted a simple shade fixture like this.
But Home Depot wanted $70.  So instead, I got a mini pendant kit for $15 and just made my own with a plain white lampshade!

Heres the hideous before...
and the less hideous after...
Of course my cheap DIY fixture isn't as nice as the home depot one, but its DEFINITELY better than the old dirty broken ceiling fan!!

p.s. We painted the walls in the kitchen about 2 years ago and still haven't replaced the light switch covers.  Talk about procrastination!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

I recently saw a post on one of my favorite blogs where she listed all her favorite things from 2012.  I LOVED that idea because I love seeing what other people use and like. Helps me not waste money down the line & gives me a good idea of what the product is before buying.  Plus, I'm a true believer that if you find something you love to share it.  So here goes.  My favorite things, a la Oprah....just less expensive items & no middle aged women screaming bloody murder.

1. Bar keepers friend-This is a cleaning solution that I use all the time because its unlike any that I've ever used.  It cleans and de-stains my pots, pans, and kitchen sink.  Its cheap.  It's easy to find (home depot)......I always make sure to have at least one bottle on hand.  When you burn rice onto the bottom of your pan, you will thank me for telling you about this!

2.Vaseline Lip Therapy- This stuff if the BEST chapstick EVER! It's completely tasteless and the perfect consistency.  I'll never use the cheap tubes of chapstick ever again, this stuff is about the same price (about $2) & works WAY better.

3. Sephora Makeup Brush #45- I just recently got this after the girl at Sephora used it to try new makeup on me.  She used it for both the foundation and the powder and it really helps pack the makeup in (which girls who need lots of coverage like me would love!) Its really durable and well made and it makes putting on my makeup so quick and easy.  It was about $25 well spent.

4. Bear Paws- For Christmas, Magno got me a pair of UGG boots ($189).  As nice as they were, I couldn't bare the price. Especially for something that would be walking through mud & rain!  So I returned them and for only $39.99 (on sale at nordstrom rack!!) Got bear paws instead.  They were the same exact color as the uggs, they feel like the exact same material, and they are just as comfy and warm.  I think with uggs you pay for the label but these are my everyday go to shoes now that its so cold out.  Couldn't love them more!

5.Downy Infusions- Before Christmas I went to Target and it was a total frenzy.  The lines were a mile long and nothing was where it was supposed to be.  I ran in only for Laundry Detergent, saw this, and grabbed it to go check out. It wasn't until I got home that I realized it wasn't even detergent but laundry softener.  I usually just use the cheap sheets in the dryer, but since I already had this I figured I might as well try it.  I'm glad I did because the smell is amazing!  Everything I put some in the wash my whole house smells delicious.  And I also used some to make DIY fabreze which works amazing!!

1/8 Cup of Your Favorite Fabric Softener 2 Tablespoons Baking Soda Hot Tap Water - To Fill the Bottle to the Top 32oz bottle Shake it up in your Spray Bottle and you're ready to go!

The smell is so fresh and girly and clean.  And the bottle is cute. Win win:)

6. Loreal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black-This has been my go-to mascara forever.  Its consistenly good and everytime I switch, i regret it.  It works better than anything I've ever used and it should be in every girls makeup bag.

7. Aztec Healing Clay-I got this at wholefoods a while ago for about $7.  I use it for weekly masks and also for zit spot treatment (I actually leave a dab of it on overnight for a zit and usually it reduces by half the next day).  It's the best mask I've ever used and a unique/cheap product.

So there's my recent favorite things.  Pretty random, I know...but these are all things I couldn't live without=)