Thursday, December 27, 2012

this past week has been a whirlwind! Christmas time always feels like that though=/ We've been soaking up as much Christmas as possible!  We went looking at lights one night & fell in love with this church.

Then we celebrated my moms birthday by going to downtown disney for lunch & presents and cupcakes at home later on.

one night i walked outside to my car and found this gorgeous sunset.  I rarely see skies like this..either they don't happen that often or I just miss them!
On Sunday I baked some cookies while magno went out car shopping with the neighbor.  It was really cold that day so i was happy to stay home baking and finishing the gift wrapping.

later on that day my parents came over and we looked at lights in orange and walked kramer around in the circle.
all the while, magno was purchasing his first car!!!!!!!  since he went so late in the day, he wasn't able to bring it home with him that night, but first thing the next morning we were off to the bank and car dealership.  I had to leave to get some cooking done so the anticipation of seeing the car was killing me!  Then finally when he got off work around 2, he pulled up and i could hear it from a mile away.  I should mention, this isnt only his first car, its his dream car.  we've both been drooling over this car for years now.  its still unreal that its his.
we loaded up all our gifts and food and headed to cypress to spend xmas even with our families.  It was my first ride in "Roxy the WRX" as magno calls "her".
First we went to Magnos moms house where we got to see some of his family from Mexico that we hadn't seen since the wedding.  Magno's moms cousin (red pants) is the  one who made my wedding veil, and this was my first time meeting her husband and son.  It was so funny because her son, who magno barely knows because he left mexico when he was so young, was on his ipad the entire time, just like magno.  You could tell they were related;) They are all the sweetest people ever, and we all bonded over the love of our dogs!

After his moms house was my moms house.  We ate lots of delicious food & I stayed close to the fire (and my phone!) as always.

Christmas morning Kramer was up bright and early to stalk the presents and make sure none got unwrapped without him.  Hes obsessed with gifts!

Gift opening doesn't get less fun as you get older.  I'll always love that part;) I got some uggs, a chandelier for my new closet room, a huge pyrex set, gift cards, a rose gold monogram necklace, and lots of other little goodies.  Magno got lots of shirts, gift cards, a new tool, a sweatshirt, some cool socks, and some of his favorite food items.  

After breakfast and dog walking and gift opening, magno went outside to use his new tool on his new car.  he was out there almost all afternoon!

Kramer stayed inside and begged for christmas cookies.
after a full day of being lazy, we had to pack up and go back home to have magnos dad, his girlfriend, and his best friend hector over.  They were so sweet and brought us a delicious pastry dessert and some alcohol for a mexican version of a christmas hot toddy!
and they also got us the cutest picnic basket which i'll totally make magno use. Its right up my alley, not so much his!

And just like that Christmas was over.  But then the next funnest holiday came, the day after christmas sales!!  I went shopping with my sister all day and returned some stuff and bought even more stuff.  
finally new makeup thanks to my BIL's sephora gift card, bath and body works stuff HALF OFF! some pink ornaments for the tree next year, and some amazing flat gold salad servers.

We both QUICKLY got back to reality with Magno working till 8am-7pm and me having to spend all morning today at the dentist and now the rest of the day in bed and in pain! =/ looking forward to some time off for new years and for the things ahead in 2013!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

i finally found a rug for our living room!! and just as quickly as i bought it, i returned. it.  Once I got it and laid it out, I wasn't happy with the color of texture of it.  it looked like I laid a towel down because it was so thin.
see?  it did let me know that a 5x7 is the size I want for that space...but now im back on the hunt for one!

heres some cute christmas things around old towne orange

and obviously some krame pictures. heres him and fluffy begging and then Kramer being bad, which to me and Magno is always cute!

and heres our neighborhood stray cat tomato, hanging out at our place on a rainy day:)

On Friday I had the genious idea to turn the spare room/office into a closet.  By Saturday I had one the battle and convinved Magno that it NEEDED to be done and by the end of the day, my vision came to life!  Still needs lots of cleaning up and decorating, and the baseboards in that room need glued...but most are things I can do in my spare time and dont need magno for.  The closets in this place are so small and odd, so our bedroom was always a mess because we just didnt have enough room for everything. So happy I decided to do this.

even Magno likes it and thinks its a good use of space.  Clears up the small closets for linens, tools, cleaning supplies, etc.
Lastly, we went to the train station to see the christmas train with our friends and neighbors!  Heres Hazel being cute, as always!
and here we are and the train also

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The last week of November, we got our Christmas tree! I didn't even want to wait that long, but Magno hates Christmas before December.  Obviously, I won that battle!
my bun looks likes its gunna fly off my head haha!

thats the one!
We got home & set it up then dressed it up the next day.
On to a much bigger and better tree...we went to the Old Towne Orange Christmas tree lighting with our friend Hilarie and her new guy greg.  It was rainy & my hair frizzed, but it was fun none the less.  We walked around and enjoyed the lights then ate dinner in the circle.

We also celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary!  Last year we got the traditional gifts (paper) so we did the same this year (cotton).  I got Magno a darth vader hoodie & he had 2 dozen red roses delivered to me with the cotton part being a bear with our wedding date embroidered on it.

Neither of us felt great that day so we mostly relaxed all day.  I made magno a big breakfast then for lunch I made him big soft delicious pretzels and his favorite cake.

later on in the evening we started feeling better so we went to walk kramer and look at the christmas lights

When we got back we started getting ready for dinner.  We even got a picture with our tree before we left..its a miracle!
We walked to the circle with the plan to shop a bit but everything was closed, so we headed straight to dinner at the filling station.  It was delicious and we were the only people there, it was so nice!
Magno had the calamari and i had the sirloin steak.  It was one of the best dinners!

We somehow started a tradition the year we got married to get an ornament for every anniversary.  The first one was a gift to us on our wedding day, the second was a cute little spanish one we got on our anniversary trip to long beach, and this year we found another perfect ornament!  We wanted to get something Orange related since not only are we back in orange and loving it, but we celebrated our anniversary here also.
We also completed our batman dvd collection with the new dark knight rises!  We had to get it the day it came out & we had some neighbors over and watched it right away..its such a good movie!
And last, we got a new-to-us coffee table and its huge!  Makes me see how undersized our rug is, so i've been on the hunt for about a week now.  It's driving me nuts seeing the big table with small rug but I haven't found anything I like yet..HOPEFULLY next post I'll be able to show off my new, bigger, better rug...i just have to find it first.  As Magno would say... first world problems!!