Friday, July 19, 2013

Last month was my last wedding for a looonggg time!  It ended on a good note( but TIRED note)-at the two day wedding extravaganza.  It's been almost a year in the making.  Friday night was the ceremony with a small dinner reception afterwards at a mexican restaurant..super casual and for only close family and friends.  

after little sleep, I woke up Saturday morning to do it all over again!  Spent a full 8 hours working in the sun to set up the brides grandparents backyard, then another 8 hours after that once the guests started showing up. I. was.exhausted.  To say the least.  But, it turned out great and the bride was happy so my job was done.

Then another night with very little sleep, because a few hours after I got home from the wedding, I had to wake up to get to s3! We were so excited about it & couldn't believe how many subarus showed up all because of Magno's caravan idea....there were 70 cars total and it was SO cool to see all of them driving through OC together!  The show had even more, it was a fun day!
in other news, I outgrew my baking cabinet and had to upgrade to a baking shelf...I really dont have the space for it in my small and odd layout kitchen, but I knew I needed more space and to see it all at once otherwise It'd be so unorganized that I'd never use it. 
We took our first trip to the beach this summer...and probably our last!  We just aren't beach people.  Sitting at the beach with little internet access and getting dirty just isn't our cup of tea.
This year for 4th of july we were on our own! We usually do something with family, but mine was out of town on vacation & magnos was preparing to go out of town on we spent the day with our next door neighbor doing all american type of stuff! We went to the circle and ate burgers at a diner, did some antuique shopping, and had snowcones and soda for dessert. 

Heres two of my favorite cakes from recently..both were for 1 year olds but so cute none the less!

I combined two of my favorite things to make rice krispy oreo treats on a rainy was one of my only days off lately and besides baking I spent it doing absolutely nothing!
I had my friend over for dinner for what I'm assuming will be the last time until summer is gets too hot in this place to cook or entertain=(
I was pretty worn out from work so me and magno took a night after dinner to walk to the circle and try the new popsicle store then go up to the top of chapman and see the sunset

Speaking of work, I hosted the first ever private party at the store!  It went really well and the girls all had a lot of fun, and of course now im jealous that I didn't have MY 25th birthday there!

& lastly I will leave with one professional photo of the bride and groom from my last wedding.  I am going to miss wedding planning but the stress and chaos of my new job will MORE than makeup from the stress and chaos of wedding planning!

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