Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I dont realize how boring I am until I'm looking through my phones camera roll & find only pictures of kramer & random things!!

Speaking of, look how cute he is eating a pupcake I brought home from work
and some random, this cute church thats always open on our nighttime walk with Kramer.
Been busy at work, whats new! Wedding season is kicking my butt..I stay at the very least 1 hour past my scheduled time every day, if not more, because I just have so much work to do.  I check my work email very first thing when I wake up each morning & even do emails from home on my days off just to give me more time on working days to complete other tasks.  Here's a few of the cakes I designed for clients this past week

And heres a sketch I drew for a baby shower client, with the completed cake version below.
obviously the cake version looks much better, but you can see where this is going!  It's my job to pull out allllllllll the details from the client and you'd be surprised how many details people want put into a cake, and then how much they will spend for the cake!

Heres a picture of my work visitor, aka dunkin the 11 week old chocolate lab!  He makes my day so much better!
And incase you're wondering, yes that is the ocean there in the background.  Now that I work at the Newport Coast location, the view sure it pretty however the drive is not.  Takes an hour to get home....its brutal! But I make sure to eat balanced meals for lunch everyday I'm at work so I have more energy for the drive home ;)
Speaking of home, heres the most recent kitchen wall shot.  Going on 2 months since the pipe leaked and the kitchen got torn apart. At the 1 month and 1 week mark, we finally got the drywall put up.  The plumber told Magno he'd be back in 30 minutes with some more tools and stuff, and we haven't seen or heard from him in 2 weeks.  So this is what we are left with. Better than the hole in the wall, but obviously not acceptable whatsoever.
It really sucks when your landlord is lazy, and only hires his lazy cousin to fix the place, so nothing ever gets done.

Despite the ugly kitchen, I finally put up some frames around the TV.. that wall is so big and plain it needed something.

Magno painted his rims with a cool plastidip that peels right off when you want it to
We are so excited for s3 coming up this weekend!! too bad I have a 2 day wedding to coordinate that weekend which will take up most of my time, so hopefully I'm alive for the event sunday! This is my last wedding, maybe not FOREVER, but for a good long while.  I'm too busy at work to take on any more stress...so I'll be glad when this one is over:)

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